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Exchangeable jaw liners

Exchangeable jaw liners

  • quick and easy replacement
  • attached by means of spring tapes
  • optional jaws with cycloidal grooves
  • optional jaws with prismatic grooves
  • various materials: bronze, aluminium, etc.

Used for York, MBV and other vices to order please contact us either by phone at +420 318 521 185, or by e-mail at info@york.cz.

Aluminium jaws  - ALCL

  • supplied as an couple
  • vertical or horizontal hold round, square shapes without damage
  • face Aluminium
  • quick and easy replacement
  • attached by means of spring tapes
  • used for York

Plastic jaws -  PLCL

  • supplied in matched pairs
  • no clamping required to attach to vice
  • magnet material is powerful neodymium
  • casing is shatterproof, non-slip, non-scratch durable polyurethane
  • upnutí kruhového,čtvercového nebo nepravidelného profilu bez poškození povrchu
  • to hold round/square or irregular shapes without damage
  • secure round and irregular workpieces in vices without damage or distortion
  • vertical ’’v’’ grooves securely hold workpieces up to 20mm diameter
  • used for York, MBV and other vices
Order No. Type Width of jaws [mm] Price from [euro] ALCL 100 100  24,60 € ALCL 125 125  30,10 € ALCL 150 150  34,70 € PLCL 100 103  16,50 €
Указанные цены – ориентировочны и указаны без НДС, EXW Dobříš CZ.