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Floor clamps- FC, FC Masiv


  • clamp for instalation of floating floors
  • reduce spaces between floor boards

FC 120

  • quality rolled thread Tr 12x3, 50mm long
  • tilting support at the end of the screw for accurate clamping
  • plastic top piece to prevent marbs on the walls
  • handle made of high quality beech wood


  • two parts conected with belt allowing to press together large floors
  • reliable lever mechanism
  • working length: 0,3 - 4 m


  • auxiliary suction cup for FC B clamp
  • for pressing together floors where it is not possible to place both ends of FC B

>FC Masiv & Short

  • hever to laying of solid flooring
  • screw-jack clamp
  • angle transmission force
  • robust steel design
  • clamp force max. 2t

FC Masiv - clamping stroke 80mm
FC Short - clamping stroke 40mm, shortened version

Order No. Type Weight [kg] Working length
Price from [euro] FC 120 0,5 - 33,30 € FC B 0,9 - 38,50 € FC V 0,4 - 49,90 € FC Masiv 3,0 80 142,80 € FC Short 2,5 40 122,70 €
The stated prices are for orientation only and do not include VAT, the condition: EXW Dobříš CZ.